18th September 2020


In support of UK Coaching Week, British Athletics have been in touch with the women who participated in the ‘Women on Track’ photographic exhibition in 2018 – showcasing female coaches – to find out how they’ve adapted and continued coaching during the pandemic, what support their athletes have received, and celebrating their #GreatCoaching.

Words by Clova Court

It’s been an unprecedented time for us all and a challenging one for young people. Some needed that bit more in terms of motivation and time and we made sure that happened.  Right from the start it was coaching via social media, phone calls, texts video etc. but a different kind of coaching in a way as it was not all about physical activities and physical fitness, it was about mental health and well-being.

As soon as it was allowed, all athletes had a one to one sessions in our local park, it was not easy but we made it happen.  Then we moved on to groups of six as that became possible. Competition was very difficult to find in our region, but we travelled where we could so, we all got something even if it was not their main event.

The GCSE & A level athletes had different thoughts and stresses; some were happy that exams were not happening, while many were worried they were not. It was a balancing act to understand and be there for all. It was beyond being an athlete but from what I saw through this, young people will come out stronger. I already see it as we return to some normal.”

What my athlete said: “The time and effort, genuine care and attention shown to me is something that will stay with me always. Physical activity was an important part but so was talking listening and laughing with us which we had plenty of.”