The British Athletics communications team can be contacted for queries related to:

  • British Athletics Press Releases
  • Media accreditation for major international championships
  • Contacting athletes via agents
  • British Athletics’ sponsors and partnerships

British Athletics Communications team:

Please direct your queries to the members of staff below:

Liz Birchall – Head of Communications 

0121 713 8472
07718 526 363

Gareth Burrell – Media and Communications Lead

07718 394 386

Media accreditation is open for the London Athletics Meet [Wanda Diamond League], London Stadium on Saturday 20th July 2024

Apply here:

The deadline for applications is Saturday 6 July 2024 at 11:59pm.


Media accreditation for the 2024 Microplus UK Athletics Championships is now closed. If you wish to make a late application, contact Gareth. But please note we cannot guarantee we can accept these.

Please take time to read the Terms & Conditions, and if applicable, the UKA Photographer Guidance , prior to applying. A confirmation email will be sent to all successful applicants at least 14 days before each event, if not before.

Please note that any requests received after these deadlines may not be considered, and also note that UK Athletics reserves the right to decline applications for accreditation.