17th October 2018


UK Athletics’ COACH exhibition received a reception in the Houses of Parliament last night to celebrate it going on display in the public gallery.

The black-and-white photo exhibition, which tells the unique story of the athlete-coach relationship both on and off the track, along with unseen moments and anecdotes, is on public display until Friday and is being held in conjunction with Black History Month.

The reception, which was held in the Thames Pavilion saw coaches depicted in attendance, along with past and present athletes who had been coached by some of those portrayed.

Equality, Diversity & Engagement Lead, Donna Fraser, said: “It was always the main goal to get the exhibition on display here from when Lord Ouseley spoke about it at the launch event last year.

“He said it should be in parliament and that’s when I thought ‘I’m on it’. We’ve linked up with ParliReach and they’ve been hugely supportive and to be here and see it live and direct is just amazing.

“It’s a really nice touch. I didn’t expect the project to go on for as long as it has, it’s been on tour to Loughborough and Croydon but it’s fitting that it should make it here.”

The exhibition was put together by photographer Ernest Simons and creative director David Gorgeous, who travelled all over the United Kingdom to meet coaches and complete the exhibition.

Christine Ohuruogu, who was coached by Lloyd Cowan, one of those featured in the exhibition, added: “I saw the exhibition last year and it really was amazing to be able to see it and the fact that Donna has been able to put it together and help get it into the Houses of Parliament is really special.

“What COACH has done is exactly what Donna envisaged, which was to celebrate BAME coaches and get them on display. As athletes, we’re often the ones in the limelight but it’s our coaches don’t get a lot of recognition and it’s great to see them recognised in this way.

British Athletics Chairman, Richard Bowker, commented: “Over the last 12 months, it’s been a privilege to see first-hand our coaches work and the experience is always the same. You see dedication, commitment, and incredible humility.

“I find the exhibition and incredibly humbling, the images on display in the gallery capture the connection between athletes and coaches perfectly and showcase the work of BAME role models within athletics.”