15th May 2018


A trio of British athletes were provided with expert mentoring and the chance to develop their skills at a SportsAid workshop earlier this month, thanks to being nominated and selected onto to the ‘Backing The Best’ programme.

Amber Anning (coach: Lloyd Cowan, club: Brighton & Hove), Tommy Ramdhan (Ryan Freckleton, Bexley) and Sam Talbot (Martin Brockman, Exeter) were all in attendance at the workshop, which took place in Loughborough.

The programme is an integral part of the ongoing development of British Athletics Performance Pathway, which aims to confirm and support young athletes with opportunities to fulfil their long term potential and ultimately progress onto the World Class Programme.

Backing The Best, managed by SportsAid for Sport England, aims to support athletes who would face difficulties progressing through their sport’s talent development system without critical financial help.

The programme launched in 2016 with 70 athletes supported before 95 up-and-coming stars received awards in the scheme’s second term. Entering its third year in 2018 there are now 115 recipients.

This season, Anning has clocked the fastest times of any Under 20 athlete in the 100m, 200m and 400m to earn a place in the British junior team for Loughborough International (LIA) on Sunday, 20 May.

Ramdhan is currently second on the Under 23 Power of 10 rankings for both the 100m and 200m having recorded bests of 10.25 (1.1) and 21.04 (-1.8) respectively, while Talbot is yet to compete in 2018.

Speaking at the workshop, Talbot said: “Backing the best is great financially and the recognition of them seeing your talent and recognising your hard work in your sport really boosts your confidence and inspires you to do more in your sport.”