17th July 2023


Holly Page (Lewis Walker, Carnethy) and Chris Richards (Duncan Richards, Salford) took their first UK Athletics Mountain Running titles at the Castell Howell International Snowdon Race on 15 July.

There had been doubts as to whether the race would go ahead because of the high winds and forecast thunderstorms but eventually the decision was taken to run a shorter course of 10.2km and 530m climb/descent instead of the full route to the top and back of 15.35km and 994m climb/descent.

Richards, delighted with his UKA title, described the conditions as ‘proper Lake District weather, which suited me’.

Phillipa Williams (Hallamshire), the 2019 World Mountain Running Championships bronze medallist, was just 17 seconds down on Page at the top but Page managed to extend her lead slightly on the descent to win by 24 seconds. Caroline Lambert (Middlesborough [Mandale]) was third in the race and took bronze in the UKA Championships thanks to her descending skills, having been in fifth position at the top.

In the men’s race, Richards was first to the top but Italian Isacco Costa managed to pull past on the descent to win the race by six seconds. Behind Richards, Andy Douglas (Sophie Dunnett, Inverclyde) and Dan Haworth (Hallamshire) had a battle for silver and bronze in the UKA Championships, with the experienced Douglas taking it by 25 seconds.

In the Home Countries International, England took both the women’s and men’s team titles, followed by Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in both competitions.



  1. Holly Page (SCO/Carnethy) 46.01
  2. Phillipa Williams (ENG/Hallamshire) 46.25
  3. Caroline Lambert (Middlesborough AC/Mandale) 47.18
  4. Beatrice Bianchi (Italy) 48.07
  5. Nichola Jackson (ENG/Keswick) 48.13
  6. Ruth Jones (Salford) 49.33
  7. Katrina Entwistle (WAL/Bristol & West) 49.44
  8. Sharon Taylor (ENG/Helm Hill) 49.45
  9. Catriona MacDonald (SCO/Bellahouston RR) 50.23
  10. Vic Wilkinson (Bingley) 50.40


  1. Isacco Costa (Italy) 38.59
  2. Chris Richards (ENG/Salford) 39.05
  3. Andy Douglas (SCO/Inverclyde) 39.33
  4. Dan Haworth (ENG/Matlock) 39.58
  5. Alessandro Rossi (Italy) 40.03
  6. Grant Cunliffe (ENG/Rossendale) 40.04
  7. Ben Rothery (ENG/Ilkley) 40.34
  8. Ross Gollan (SCO/Shettleston) 40.49
  9. Alexander Chepelin (SCO/Carnethy) 41.03
  10. Ritchie Gardiner (SCO/Corstorphine) 41.16


Senior Home International Teams


  1. England

Phillipa Williams

Nichola Jackson

Sharon Taylor

  1. Scotland

Holly Page

Catriona MacDonald

Megan Crawford

  1. Wales

Katrina Entwistle

Joanne Henderson

Ffion Price

  1. Northern Ireland

Esther Dickson

Naomi McCurry

Alexa James


  1. England

Chris Richards

Dan Haworth

Grant Cunliffe

Ben Rothery

  1. Scotland

Andy Douglas

Ross Gollan

Alexander Chepelin

Ritchie Gardiner

  1. Wales

Tom Wood

Rhodri Owen

Gavin Roberts

Siôn Edwards

  1. Northern Ireland

Jarad Martin

Tom Crugington

Andrew Tees

Joshua Mcatee