23rd December 2017


Next in the series with athletes revealing their plans for Christmas 2017 is hammer thrower Taylor Campbell….


What is the best Christmas present you ever received?

It was probably a bike as a kid!

A childhood memory of Christmas

I used to get really excited and not be able to sleep at all and would keep my brothers awake.  Then I would get them up at 5am on Christmas morning only to be told I had to go back to bed until at least 7am.

Who will you spend Christmas 2017 with?

I’ll be spending this year with the family in Windsor.

What will the day be like?

There definitely will be a lot of food!  Cooked breakfast, then the traditional turkey for lunch and there will be cold meats and crisps etc in the evening… in case we are still hungry!

Will you train on Christmas Day? 

No.  By Christmas I will have done 3-4 months hard training so the plan is to have an easy 10 days over Christmas to let the body recover. So nothing on Christmas Day.

How do you balance family Christmas with not over-indulging?

I am pretty strict with my diet the rest of the year so I don’t worry too much about a few days at Christmas.  Even if I put some weight on, I will be back in hard training in January.

What does Christmas mean to you?

Christmas for me means time with the family, having a break and letting body and mind recover after a period of hard work.