20th December 2017


British Athletics begins its series with athletes revealing their plans for Christmas 2017…


What is the best Christmas present you ever received?

My mum is really good at choosing presents so it is hard to pick one. The year I got my dog was a crazy Christmas with a puppy running round everywhere!

A childhood memory of Christmas

We have a big family with countless cousins! So it’s the one time of the year that everyone gets to come round.

Who will you spend Christmas 2017 with? 

I will be spending it with my family, which is really nice as I am now living away at university in Loughborough.  At the moment the plan is to have Christmas at home but we might go away somewhere.

What will the day be like?

Basically loads of food, spreads everywhere! My mum is always in the kitchen working away but everyone helps out.

Will you train on Christmas Day? 

I won’t have a proper training session but I might do something in the morning.  Nothing too strenuous, but I often end up having a run with the dogs.

Is it hard to balance family Christmas with not over-indulging?

Not at all. It’s probably the one day in the year that I don’t worry about what I eat.

What does Christmas mean to you?

Christmas is a time to relax and forget about everything – especially training! Eat what you want and just lounge around and be happy and grateful for everything you have.