25th December 2017


On Christmas Day, we find out how World 4x100m champion and Diamond League winner CJ Ujah will be spending the day…


What is the best Christmas present you ever received?  

One Christmas when I was young, my parents got me a computer, but it was a windows computer, which was such a big thing in those days.  It seemed amazing!

A childhood memory of Christmas?

When I was much younger, I could hardly sleep one Christmas eve because I wanted to see my presents.  One year I went downstairs about 1.00am and looked under the Christmas tree and there was nothing there!  So I went back to bed so disappointed but when I woke up there were a load of presents under the tree.

Who will you spend Christmas 2017 with and where?

Because I train in America and am away for long periods, it will be great just to be home with my family.  So I’m just looking forward to sitting around the table with the family and enjoying Christmas together.

What will the day be like?

In the morning we open the presents then go to church. When we come back we’ll have a brunch.  Then everyone will start preparing their part of the Christmas meal, the big meal for later on – the turkey and the usual things with some champagne.

Will you train on Christmas Day? 

I won’t train on Christmas day.  If I do anything, it would just be a little bike session.  Then next day it will be business as usual.  I look at athletics like a job.  Other people will be back at work on Boxing Day so I won’t take too long off.

Christine Ohuruogu sometimes used to run a 5k on Boxing Day, does that appeal?

She is a quarter miler so that might suit her!  For me it’s about trying to move fast along the track and we’re not too far from the indoor season.  I think I’ll settle for a 20 minute bike session!

How do you balance family Christmas with not over-indulging?

I think I am pretty good at that.  I know there will be a lot of food available on the table but the way I eat and my routine, when I’ve had one plateful, my stomach won’t allow me to eat too much.

But even if I do, it’s just one day so I don’t think it will have a dramatic effect on me.

What does Christmas mean to you?

First and foremost Christmas is a celebration of Jesus being born.  It brings the family together, even when were all over the world normally.  Everyone stops working and comes together as a family.  It’s perhaps the only time in the year that the whole family is together.