8th April 2020


Need your lunchtime fix of fitness? Fear not as Jenny Meadows brings you a series of drills that you can do from the comfort of your own home as part of Sport England’s #StayHomeWorkOut campaign. Jenny’s workout exercises can be found below.



Toe Balances – 1 min each foot

Stand tall & balance on one foot

Press big toe into floor helps maintain balance

Engage core at all times


Alternate Arm & Leg Weight Raises – 15 each arm

Stand tall & balance on one foot

Hold weighted object in opposite hand to the standing leg

Raise weighted object from above shoulder height to full extension of arm


Glute Leg Raises – 3 x 10 each side

Lying on side, tilt pelvis slightly forwards and big toe pointed towards floor

Keeping both legs straight, lift from bottom to mid-point, mid-point to top then full range

Maintain fluent movement throughout


Single Leg Hamstring Bridge Raise – 10 each leg

Lying on back, place one heel on bench/chair and keep other leg raised

Makes knee of the leg on the bench/chair is at 90 degrees before starting

Lift bum off floor, raise hips around 3 inches and drop back down


Curtsy Squats – 8 each leg

Standing on two feet, shoulder-width apart

Take one leg out and round behind the other leg

Squat down so that it works the glute of the standing leg before returning to start position


Glute Circuit – 10 each leg

Stand on box or step with two feet then point right foot in 2 o’clock direction

Raise left foot off box or step and hitch the left hip slightly

Perform a ¼ squat (keeping the knee aligned to the centre of the body)

When back to a standing position, re-hitch the hip before taking the left leg out to the side and back

Perform the same 10 repetitions with the left foot in a 10 o’clock direction and raising the right foot off the box or step and using the right leg to perform the actions


Side Jackknives – 15 each side

Lying on side and anchoring on elbow, adopt plank position by raising hips and bum off the floor

Tilt pelvis forwards slightly and ensure the shoulder not in use is rotated backwards and not forwards

Drop and rise 2-3 inches in s fluent motion


Deadbugs – 10 each side

Lying on back with arms and thighs vertical

Take one leg and opposite arm and lower each to the floor and return to start position

Keep core engaged throughout