3rd May 2018


Last weekend saw the second British Athletics Futures Academy session of the season, held at the National Performance Institute in Loughborough.

The Futures Academy Programme confirms and supports athletes which British Athletics believes have the potential to progress onto the World Class Programme and ultimately win medals at future Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The aim of the day was for the athletes to check in with their British Athletics point of contact and review their plan.

It also offered an opportunity to benchmark with biomechanics and physiology sessions, to identity where they currently are within their fitness and training as they prepare to head into the outdoor season.

All athletes that attended went through a variety of sessions throughout the day which focused on key principles whilst offering elements of tracking progress, including performance nutrition, endurance physiology, biomechanics and physical preparation.

There was also the chance for a question and answer session with the newly crowned World Indoor 60m hurdles champion, Andrew Pozzi.

The points of contact were on hand to provide help and guidance as to where athletes felt they needed more support within their training heading into the outdoor season, or any further support they required from the programme.

Many of the athletes will be competing at Loughborough International on Sunday, 20 May, before moving on to compete at the World Junior trials on the weekend of Saturday, June 16.