29th May 2020


On Saturday 30 May, Eurosport will rewind the clock as part of their ‘Return to 2012’ series as they their attention to Super Saturday and that historic session of athletics at the London Stadium.

Joined by Sir Mo Farah, Greg Rutherford, Lord Coe and Toni Minichiello, Eurosport will recount the standout moments from that evening of athletics at the Olympic Games when three gold medals were won by British athletes within the space of 44 minutes.

The heptathlon gold for Jessica Ennis-Hill, the long jump title for Rutherford and the 10,000 metres victory for Farah will all be covered during the broadcast on Eurosport 2 and the Eurosport Player at 2pm and 7pm on Saturday 30 May.

On the programme, Farah speaks about the feelings he had when he crossed the line to seal his first Olympic title in the 10,000m metres:

“Just happiness, joy, I couldn’t believe it. It’s every athletes dream to win an Olympic medal, but to win two medals in front of your home crowd and to have the whole nation behind you, it was just amazing and I guess I will never have that experience again in my life, no matter what I do because that was a once in a lifetime chance.”

Rutherford speaks about his memories of Super Saturday and what followed:

“The bizarre thing from my point of view after everything had taken place, it took until the following evening to properly sink in. I received the medal the following night, so I didn’t have that tangible thing, so the night of winning, I didn’t sleep a wink and you’re then expected to do a full day of media.

“So, from 7am through to about 5.30pm when I received the medal and a little bit afterwards, I was just busy, so I was utterly exhausted. Fundamentally for me, in the blink of an eye, everything had changed.”

Watch the Super Saturday #ReturnTo2012 show at 2pm and 7pm on Saturday 30 May on Eurosport 2 and the Eurosport Player.