13th July 2018


British Athletics has accepted World Para Athletics’ invitation for Libby Clegg (coach: Joe McDonnell, coach: Charnwood) to compete in the T11 100m and 200m at the WPA European Championships in August.

This sees the British team rise to 53 members following Wednesday’s initial team announcement.

The double Paralympic champion from Rio 2016 will be guided by Tom Somers (Benke Blomkvist, Newham & Essex Beagles) after injury has ruled Chris Clarke out for the rest of the season.

Somers was a fourth placer at the 2013 IAAF World Youth Championships and seventh place finisher at the 2014 IAAF World Junior Championships, both over 200m. He trains in Loughborough at the National Performance Institute.

Stef Reid is confirmed for the T64 200m alongside her long jump, while Javaughan Parkes will additionally race in the T36 200m, alongside his 100m.


The British team for the WPA European Championships in Berlin from 20-26 August:

Kare Adenegan (Job King; Coventry) – T34 100m & 800m

Hollie Arnold (David Turner; Blackheath & Bromley) – F46 Javelin

James Arnott (Ryan Freckleton; City of Plymouth) – T47 100m, 200m

Graeme Ballard (Trevor Painter; Wigan & District) – T36 100m & 200m

Martina Barber (Paddy O’Shea; Stevenage & North Herts) – T20 Long Jump

Olivia Breen (Aston Moore; City of Portsmouth) – T38 100m

Sally Brown (Joe McDonnell; Charnwood) – T47 100m, 200m & 400m

Jo Butterfield (Philip Peat; Forth Valley) – F51 Club Throw

Richard Chiassaro (Jenni Banks; Harlow) – T54 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m & 1500m

Libby Clegg (Joe McDonnell, Charnwood) – [Guide Runner: Tom Somers] – T11 100m and 200m

Hannah Cockroft (Jenni Banks; Halifax) – T34 100m & 800m

Aled Davies (Ryan Spencer Jones; Cardiff) – F63 Shot Put & Discus

David Devine (Anthony Clarke; Liverpool – T13 1500m & 5000m

Hannah Dines (Janice Eaglesham) – RR3 100m

Gavin Drysdale (Janice Eaglesham; Red Star) – RR3 100m

Sabrina Fortune (Ian Robinson; Deeside) – F20 Shot Put

Dan Greaves (Self-coached; Charnwood) –  F64 Discus

Kylie Grimes (Philip Peat; Coventry) – F51 Club Throw

Kayleigh Haggo (Janice Eaglesham; Ayr Seaforth) – RR3 100M

Sophie Hahn (Joe McDonnell; Charnwood) – T38 100m, 200m & 4x100m mixed relay

Callum Hall (Ian Thompson; Leeds) – T53 400m & 800m

Jordan Howe (Christian Malcolm; DSW Para Academy) – T35 100m & 200m

Harri Jenkins (Anthony Hughes; DSW Para Academy) – T33 100m

Mo Jomni (Jenny Archer; Weir Archer Academy) – T53 100m, 200m & 400m

Rhys Jones (Christian Malcolm; DSW Para Academy) – T37 100m & 200m

Kyle Keyworth (Kes Salmon, Manchester) – T35 100m & 200m

Dillon Labrooy (Jenny Archer; Weir Archer Academy) – T54 400m, 800m & 1500m

Maria Lyle (Jamie Bowie; Team East Lothian) – T35 100m & 200m

Nathan Maguire (Ste Hoskins; Halton & Frodsham) – T54 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m & 4x100m mixed relay

Polly Maton (Colin Baross; Team Devizes) – T47 Long Jump, 100m & 4x100m mixed relay

Stephen Miller (Ros Miller; Gateshead) – F32 Club Throw

Steve Morris (James Thie; Cardiff) – T20 800m &1500m

Taz Nicholls (Alison O’Riordan; Shaftesbury Barnet) – F64 Discus

Luke Nuttall (Vince Wilson; Charnwood) – T46 1500m

Stephen Osborne (Jenni Banks; Dartford) – T51 100m, 200m

Javaughan Parkes (Lincoln Asquith; Birchfield) – T36 100m and 200m

Ross Paterson (John Kinder; Red Star) – T38 200m & 400m

Stef Reid (Aston Moore; Charnwood) – T64 Long Jump and 200m

Ben Rowlings (Ian Mirfin; Coventry) – T34 100m, 400m & 800m

Amir Sarvestani (Self-coached) – T11 Long Jump

Zac Shaw (Joe McDonnell; Cleethorpes) – T12 100m & 200m

Luke Sinnott (Roger Keller; Bournemouth) – T61 200m & Long Jump (T63)

Zak Skinner (Aston Moore; Tonbridge) – T13 100m, Long Jump & 4x100m mixed relay

Ali Smith (Paul MacGregor; Guildford & Godalming) – T38 100m, 200m, 400m & Long Jump

Rafi Solaiman (Sheffield & Dearne) – RR3 100m

Laura Sugar (Joe McDonnell; Birchfield) – T44 100m & 200m

Isaac Towers (Peter Wyman / Jenni Banks; Blackpool, Wyre & Field) – T34 400m & 800m

Vanessa Wallace (Alison O’Riordan; Enfield & Haringey) – F34 Shot Put & Javelin

Eve Walsh Dann (Roger Sexton; North Down) – T36 100m & 200m

Shaun White (Christine Parsloe; Sutton & District) – T33 100m

Richard Whitehead (Keith Antoine; Southwell) – T61 200m

Thomas Young (Joe McDonnell; Charnwood) – T38 100m & 200m