19th October 2017

British Athletics celebrate Diwali

To celebrate Diwali 2017, we delivered our first Cultural Awareness Lunch & Learn event on Thursday 19 October.

We were joined by members of the Shree Hindu Community Centre, Birmingham, who interacted with staff to educate them by sharing the meaning of Diwali.

Our Hindu members of staff supported the event and provided saris, Indian sweets and savouries for members of staff to really get involved in the celebrations.

Some staff had amazing Henna designs and attendees witnessed a Rangoli which was one of the key highlights of the event

Dimple Gogna, Finance manager at UKA also told us what Diwali means to her:



“For me, Diwali is about opening your home to all and spending time with family and friends. The day after Diwali is Indian New Year, therefore during this festive period I try to visit as many of my extended family as possible (especially the elders) so I can receive their blessings for the year ahead.

On Diwali day, I usually stay at home with my immediate family and I¬†put the lights on in every room of the house or light candles. I also leave a window and the front door open (following tradition) to allow Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, to enter the house and bring us good fortune and a prosperous new year. My children always look forward to celebrating this festival because of all the different Indian sweets they get to eat, money they receive and the fireworks we light in the evening!”