16th November 2021


British Athletics have announced the cohort of athletes supported by the Olympic and Paralympic Futures Academy Programme for 2021/22, which is supported by Nike.

Recent graduates from the Futures Academy programme include Olympic silver medallist, Keely Hodgkinson (Trevor Painter, Leigh) and Paralympic champion Owen Miller (Steven Doig, Fife) while five European U23 Championships medallists are supported by the new Olympic Confirmation level of the WCP including Jeremiah Azu (Helen Patricia James, Cardiff) and Holly Mills (Laura Turner-Alleyne, Andover).

The Programme is a key step in the pathway to support athlete and coach development with the aim to progress to become a successful senior athlete, and transition onto the World Class Programme (WCP) in the next cycle and support those who have highlighted the potential to succeed at future Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Programme works closely with the Home Country Athletics Federations to provide progressive learning squad environments for performance athletes to grow and develop in a safe, but challenging and inspiring setting.

The Olympic Futures programme is split into three levels: Futures Academy, Futures Transition and Relay. While the Paralympic programme is the Futures Academy.

European U23 and U20 medallists are included in the Olympic Academy following successful Championships in Tallinn this summer.

Among those continuing their membership at futures transition level are Isabelle Boffey (coach: Luke Gunn, club: Enfield and Haringey) who won the 800m title at the U23 Championships, while Lucy Hadaway (Matt Barton, City of York) and Erin Wallace (Andy Young, Giffnock North) sealed bronze in the long jump and 1500m respectively.

Individual medallists from the European U20 Championships are supported by the programme including double gold winners Ed Faulds (James Wright, Rugby & Northampton) and Toby Makoyawo (Peter Griffiths, Windsor Slough Eton and Hounslow), 200m champion Derek Kinlock (Nat Senior, Croydon), and double medallist Joy Eze (Mike Donnelly, Gateshead).

On the Paralympic Futures Academy, WPA European medallists Emily Stewart (Richard Kaufman, Gateshead) and Alexander Thomson (Chris Baillie, Victoria Park City of Glasgow) are included on the programme. The former joins for the first time and won bronze in the F38 discus in Bydgoszcz. Meanwhile, Thomson remains on the programme for a second year, having won bronze in the T38 400m earlier this year.

Olympic Futures Transition

Joshua Lay (Anthony Love, Rugby & Northampton) [Year 1]

George Mills (Jon Bigg, Brighton Phoenix) [Year 1]

Tade Ojora (Joanna Hayes, Windsor Slough Eton and Hounslow) [Year 1]

Jake Smith (James Thie, Cardiff) [Year 1]


Amber Anning (Dennis Shaver, Brighton and Hove) [Year 2]

Cameron Fillery (Benke Blomkvist, Woodford Green Essex Ladies) [Year 2]

Lucy Jane Matthews (Benke Blomkvist, Birchfield) [Year 2]

Ben Pattison (Dave Ragan, Basingstoke & Mid Hants) [Year 2]


Max Burgin (Ian Burgin, Halifax) [Year 3]

Alastair Chalmers (Matt Elias, Guernsey) [Year 3]

Charlie Dobson (Benke Blomkvist, Colchester) [Year 3]

Lucy Hadaway (Matt Barton, City of York) [Year 3]

Amy Hunt (Joe McDonnell, Charnwood) [Year 3]

Jade O’Dowda (John Lane, Newham and Essex Beagles) [Year 3]

Divine Oladipo (Ashley Kovacs / John Hillier, Blackheath and Bromley) [Year 3]

Erin Wallace (Andy Young, Giffnock North) [Year 3]


Isabelle Boffey (Luke Gunn, Enfield and Haringey) [Year 4]


Jake Norris (Paul Dickenson, Windsor Slough Eton and Hounslow) [Year 5]


Olympic Futures Academy

Sophie Ashurst (Andy Ashurst, Sale Harriers Manchester) [Year 1]

Sam Brereton (Fuzz Caan, Birchfield Harriers) [Year 1]

Charlie Carvell (Stuart Hamilton, Telford) [Year 1]

Kane Elliott (William Sharp, Falkirk) [Year 1]

Joy Eze (Mike Donnelly, Gateshead) [Year 1]

Ed Faulds (James Wright, Rugby & Northampton) [Year 1]

Ethan Hussey (Andrew Henderson, Leeds) [Year 1]

Mary John (Alan James, Woodford Green Essex Ladies) [Year 1]

Derek Kinlock (Nat Senior, Croydon) [Year 1]

Toby Makoyawo (Peter Griffiths, Windsor Slough Eton and Hounslow) [Year 1]

Henry Mcluckie (Geoff Watkin, Shaftesbury Barnet) [Year 1]

Temi Ojora (Daniel Sawyers, Windsor Slough Eton and Hounslow) [Year 1]

Abi Pawlett (Joe Frost, Trafford) [Year 1]

Anna Purchase (Mohamad Saatara, Notts) [Year 1]

Tara Simpson-Sullivan (Robert Halliwell, Wigan & District) [Year 1]


Kelechi Aguocha (Fuzz Caan, Blackheath and Bromley) [Year 2]

Daniel Falode (Guy Spencer, Cambridge) [Year 2]

Thomas Keen (Mark Vile, Cambridge and Coleridge) [Year 2]

Khahisa Mhlanga (Mick Judd, Herts Phoenix) [Year 2]

Charlotte Payne (Paul Dickenson, Reading) [Year 2]

Jodie Smith (Laura Turner-Alleyne, Windsor Slough Eton and Hounslow) [Year 2]

Josh Zeller (Adrian Brown, Bracknell) [Year 2]


Olympic Futures Relay

Success Eduan (Anita Richardson, Sale Harriers Manchester)

Sophie Walton (Trevor Williams, Horwich)

(These athletes have been retained from 2021 and further athletes will be selected in due course)


Paralympic Futures Academy

Steven Bryce (Allan Bryce, Victoria Park City of Glasgow) [Year 1]

Barney Corrall (Chris Sinclair, Charnwood) [Year 1]

Prince Reid (Mike Utting, Blackheath and Bromley) [Year 1]

Segun Samuel (Jeffrey Lawal-Balogun, South London) [Year 1]

Jade Smith (David Evans, Liverpool) [Year 1]

Emily Stewart (Richard Kaufman, Gateshead) [Year 1]

Zac Tandy (Nathan Stephens, DSW Para Academy) [Year 1]


Fabienne Andre (Jenny Archer, Weir Archer Academy) [Year 2]*

Hetty Bartlett (Denis Costello, City of Norwich) [Year 2]

Victoria Baskett (Katie Jones, University of Sheffield) [Year 2]

Lydia Church (Jim Edwards, Peterborough & Nene Valley) [Year 2]*

Bethan Griffiths (Shelley Holroyd, Cheltenham) [Year 2]

Ethan Kirby (Nick Harris, Newton Abbot) [Year 2]

Emmanuel Oyinbo-Coker (Joe McDonnell, Newham & Essex Beagles) [Year 2]

Daniel Sidbury (Christine Parsloe, Sutton & District) [Year 2]*

Kirsty Soutar (John Owens, Red Star) [Year 2]

Steven Stone (Laurence Bissett, Forth Valley Flyers) [Year 2]

Alexander Thomson (Chris Baillie, Victoria Park City of Glasgow) [Year 2]

Melanie Woods (Rodger Harkins, Red Star) [Year 2]*

*These athletes are on the Paralympic World Class Programme but will have access to educational support from the Paralympic Futures Academy Programme.