2nd October 2017

Black History Month - Lorna Dwyer


Lorna Dwyer – Senior Performance Coordinator – Age Group Lead


What is your role at British Athletics?

I’m the Senior Performance Co-ordinator – Age Group Lead which oversees the operational/logistical planning for all Age Group competitions and Lead Team Manager for all Age Group competitions. I’ve been employed at British Athletics for 28 years and I am currently working on a project on the development of support staff for competitions. My role also involves me being part of the management staff on the ground at senior competitions.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

Black History Month for me is a public appreciation of the pioneers in my history and a commemoration of the sacrifices that were made for me so I can have a fulfilled life today.

The pioneers of my history were the Maroons. They were held captive as slaves on Spanish-owned plantations but escaped when the British invaded the Caribbean island of Jamaica from Spain in 1655. My Maroon ancestors fought for their freedom and overcame adversity; they sacrificed so that I may flourish. I am proud to be a descendant of the Maroons! I want to celebrate and continue this legacy by making a difference in my daughter’s life, as well as the lives of current and future generations.

What black individual do you most admire in history?

One person I always look to is my mother – she embodies the characteristics I strive to display daily; she has always been hardworking and selfless, with strong aspirations and the strength to accomplish her dreams. She always speaks positivity into my life with words of encouragement – she is my inspiration, my confidant and my role model.

My black athlete in the history of athletics in Britain is…

Sonia Lannaman

Sonia May Lannaman was born 24 March 1956 and is a former British sprinter, who competed mainly in the 100metres.  She won Commonwealth Games 100m title in Edmonton 1978 and won an Olympic bronze medal in the 4 x 100m relay at the 1980 Moscow Games.  In 1977 Track and Field News world merit rankings, she ranked number 2 in the World at both 100m (to Marlies Gohr) and 200m (to Irena Szewinska)