Irwin Mitchell

Official Legal Partner       

At Irwin Mitchell we’re delighted to now be UK Athletics’ Official Legal Partner. This country is home to thousands of athletes who continue to inspire people of all ages and abilities. It’s vital to ensure our athletes are supported, which is why we’re partnered with a number of other athletes, clubs and governing bodies (including England Rugby and British Rowing).

We’re aware of the hard work and dedication it takes to become an elite level athlete. We’re also aware of the responsibilities that athletes face. That’s where our support comes in.

As Official Legal Partner, we’ll ensure UK Athletics has a dedicated legal resource.

Supporting Our Athletes

The partnership stems from a shared passion for supporting athletes in all areas of the sport. We’ll provide guidance in the maintenance and development of governance within athletics. This allows UK Athletics to invest more of its budget where it matters, into athletes and coaches.

Mark Draisey, Chief Finance Officer at UK Athletics, commented: “I am delighted to confirm our partnership with Irwin Mitchell. Our recent overhaul of the safeguarding structures in addition to improved and enhanced procedures across governance have a significant financial impact when it comes to legal support.

“It is vital that we achieve partnerships that help reduce this cost for the good of the sport ensuring that budget and resource is channelled towards athletes, coaches and all the vital services provided by the national governing body.

“In Irwin Mitchell we have a like-minded partner that understands sport and the unique landscape in which we operate and we’re looking forward to building the relationship to benefit the sport.”