Athlete Information

Athlete Information for the Spar British Athletics Indoor Championships 2020

Saturday 22nd – Sunday 23rd February 2020

Emirates Arena, Glasgow

Athlete Entries

For the 2020 athlete entry list, click here.


Standards to be achieved between January 1, 2019 and February 16, 2020

60m 6.90 10.70 (100m) 7.75 12.05 (100m)
200m 22.10 21.60 25.00 24.70
400m 48.50 48.10 56.25 55.25
800m 1:53.00 1:50.00 2:10.50 2:09.50
1500m 3:52.00 3:48.00 4:32.00 4:27.00
3000m 8:10.00 8:05.00 9:40.00 9:30.00
60m Hurdles 8.60 15.00 (110mH) 8.85 14.40 (100mH)
High Jump 2.10 2.10 1.77 1.77
Pole Vault 4.95 4.95 3.81 3.81
Long Jump 7.45 7.45 6.10 6.10
Triple Jump 15.50 15.50 12.65 12.65
Shot Put 15.30 15.30 13.50 13.50

Event Schedule

Sat 60m Sat
Sun 200m Sun
Sat/ Sun 400m Sat/ Sun
Sat/ Sun 800m Sat/ Sun
Sat/ Sun 1500m Sat/ Sun
Sat 3000m Sun
Sat 60m Hurdles Sat
Sun Hugh Jump Sun
Sun Pole Vault Sat
Sat Long Jump Sat
Sun Triple Jump Sun
Sat Shot Put Sun
Sun 5k Race walk Sun

*Event schedule is subject to change.


Q) What should I do if I have obtained the qualifying standard but my name is not among the list of invitees?
A) Please contact Ian Hodge – 07711 731370

Q) What should I do if I am among the list of invitees for the SPAR British Athletics Indoor Championships, but have not received an invitation?
A) Please contact Kate Channon – as your contact details might not be up to date on the British Athletics database.

Q) Should I enquire about an invitation if I am very close to the standard?
A) Yes you should, please contact Kate Channon – If a particular event incurs a number of withdrawals it can become necessary to supplement non-qualifiers. In this scenario the best “non-automatic qualifier” at that moment in time will be given first option and thereafter in descending order from the year lists.

Q) What is the closing date for accepting invitations to the SPAR British Athletics Indoor Championships?
A) The deadline for accepting your invitation is Midnight (GMT) Sunday 16th February 2020.

Q) What is the declaration date for accepting events for the SPAR British Athletics Indoor Championships?
A) The deadline for declaring your preferred event(s) is Midnight (GMT) Tuesday 18th February 2020.

Q) How do I obtain tickets for my friends and family to watch me at the SPAR British Athletics Indoor Championships?
A) After you receive your invitation, and should you accept it, you will receive a link and an individual promo code to claim two (2) free tickets and access to priority pricing on any additional tickets you may want to purchase. The details will be sent to you closer to the time and after you have formally accepted your invitation to compete

Q) When will I see a timetable for the SPAR British Athletics Indoor Championships?
A) We anticipate it will be available on the British Athletics website approximately one month before the event.

Q) When will a full competitors list be available?
A) A list of invitees will be published in January; however it will be subject to change as athletes newly qualify or decline their invitation. Athletes must accept their invitation in order to be confirmed in the Championships. The deadline for accepting your invitation is Midnight (GMT) Sunday 16th February 2020

Q) What competition wear am I expected to compete in?
A) As this event is the British Championships, athletes MUST wear the current vest of their first claim affiliated club, University, County or their Regional or National sponsor vest. The club concerned must be the one which in terms of Rule 2 (6) caters for that particular discipline of athletics. There will be no exceptions.

Q) Is the SPAR British Athletics Indoor Championships an Open or Closed Championship?
A) The SPAR British Athletics Indoor Championships is a Closed Championships so only Athletes eligible to compete for Great Britain & Northern Ireland can complete.

Q) Can I enter an additional event during the Championships if I have the qualifying standard though haven’t previously declared my event(s)?
A) No athlete will be able to enter additional events after the declaration date (Midnight (GMT) Sunday 18th February 2020) has passed or on the Championship weekend.

Other Information

Invitations to compete at the SPAR British Athletics Indoor Championships are sent to senior and under 20 athletes only. In exceptional circumstance athletes from the Under 18 age group will also be accepted via agreement with their national event coach.

Certain athletes will have qualified in two (or more) events and may only see their name listed in one. This is because we offer you what is assumed is to be your preferred event but we are agreeable to switch you to another if you so wish.

Hand timed performances in the 60m, 100m, 200m, and sprint hurdles THAT ALSO HAVE A LEGAL WIND SPEED will be accepted as qualifying performances – as will times in mixed races. We appreciate that many horizontal jumps competitions take place without wind gauges and as such will accept them as qualifiers – provided the athlete has reasonable back up marks.


Coaches accreditation details coming soon.

Should you have any questions or queries please contact Yannick Phippen on