Accessibility Manchester


Accessible seating is available at the Manchester Regional Arena, including wheelchair and companion positions or ambulant seating with few or no steps. These seats need to be booked in advance to ensure that your requirements can be accommodated.

Wheelchair tickets are available around the arena in the blocks listed below and includes a free companion ticket. A roof structure covers some of these positions from the elements but not all.

East Stand

Block X – Elevated position at the back of the block.

South Stand

Block A – Elevated position at the back of the block.

West Stand

Blocks E, F, G & H – Ground level position at the front of the block.

Wheelchair tickets can be purchased online with a free companion ticket. They can be identified online by the International Symbol of Access and the wording ‘Wheelchair Accessible & Essential Companion’

Ambulant seating is available at the arena in arenas with limited steps and easier access. A free companion ticket can also be requested for any ambulant spectators who need assistance attending the event. They can be identified by the International symbol of access and the wording ‘Ambulant Disabled & Essential Companion’.

By purchasing an Ambulant or Wheelchair ticket, you confirm that you or a member of your party require Accessible tickets.

Proof of eligibility/disability must be provided before the event, you will be contacted by Ticketmaster no later than 72 hours after your order. Tickets may be cancelled if misuse is suspected/found

For any other specific requirements relating to your booking please contact Ticketmaster prior to the event at

Blue Badge Parking


Accessible Entry

Talk to a member of staff at the arena entrance if you are unable to wait in a queue for a period of time. They will organise priority entry for you as soon as the doors open.

Guide and Assistance Dogs

Guide and Assistance Dogs are very welcome at the Regional Arena.

Accessible Toilets

All of the Manchester Regional Arena accessible toilets are unisex. These toilets are larger than standard toilets.

Please note additional temporary toilets will be added to the venue for this event. These toilets will include accessible toilets.


Spectators are advised to bring medication in its original packaging and only enough for use during the event. All spectators are subject to bag and body searches and any unmarked/unpackaged medication will be confiscated.

There is no refrigeration on site so please make sure that you package your medication appropriately for the duration of your visit; we suggest bringing a small cool bag for any medication which needs to be kept cool.

Special Effects and Entertainment

Please be aware that pyrotechnics, strobe lighting and special effects may be used at this event.