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Competition is one of the most important, but also highly sensitive issues within our sport.  The principles we should all work to should reflect the best interests of athletes. Following previous consultations with the sport and ongoing present research into 'young people's' lifestyles and age group competitions, UK Athletics will be working with competition providers to help raise standards in every event, every region and in every age group.  

The Competitions Department will continue to work at providing a competition framework and structure that has athletes needs at the core and also, whenever possible, assist domestic competition providers such as Clubs, all age groups of Leagues and schools.

There is an urgency with 2012 on the horizon and UK Athletics will be working with the Regions and other people on the ground to ensure we focus on raising standards of competition and allowing athletes to have a structured pathway.

The UKA Competition Unit Objectives are:

1) Establish, monitor and evolve a competitive structure that transcends from International/elite level through to vibrant challenging domestic competition with multiple entry points for all age groups and introductory competitive team and individual opportunities. 

2) Work with Competition providers and key partners to establish a robust fixture planning process across all disciplines that encompasses all competitions from Levels 1 up to 5 ensuring a logical and transparent method for issuing permits to fixtures and eliminating conflicting competitions.

3) For UK Athletics to be well represented and influential in international athletics affairs and a successful host to major championship events in conjunction with being a key POC to LOCOG providing athletics knowledge.

4) Engage with the Officials workforce and ensure provision of a structured education and training programme for all levels which is delivered to a standard of excellence and concentrates on the recruitment of younger Officials and establish links with Volunteer Projects and Further Education Units.

5) Engage with the Senior Competition Managers for Schools and unite them behind integrating athletics competition into their competition portfolio.

The Competitions Department staff comprises:

Cherry Alexander – Head of Competition & International Relations

Rachel Gould – Assistant to Head of Unit and Co-ordinator

Nichola Sykes - Senior Coordinator - Technology

Spencer Barden – Athlete Liaison Director 

Paul Aldridge – Event Manager – Stadia Logistics

Manjinder Singh – Competitions Co-ordinator – Stadia Logistics

Adam Thomas –  Competitions Co-ordinator – Stadia Logistics

Rob Logan – Event Manager – Athlete Logistics

Karen Forbes – Senior Co-ordinator – Athlete Logistics

Stuart Attwell – Senior Co-ordinator – Competitions

John Temperton – Manager – Domestic Competitions

Paula Gowing – Senior Co-ordinator – Technical Officials

Marcus Ferguson – Co-ordinator – Technical Officials