Terms and Conditions

Müller Anniversary Games 2021

Ticket Ballot Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction

1.1 This document sets out the Terms and Conditions of the ticket ballot for the 2021 Müller Anniversary Games.

  1. Definitions

2.1 Applicant – Individual completing the ballot application.

2.2 Application – The online process for entering the ballot.

2.3 BA – British Athletics, event organizer

2.4 TTF – The Ticket Factory, official ticketing partner of British Athletics

2.5 Ballot – The ticket sales process for tickets to the 2021 Müller Anniversary Games

2.6 Event – Müller Anniversary Games – Tuesday July 13, 2021

  1. Ballot Rules

3.1 Any application for tickets for the event must be made through the official ballot link. Other ticket applications will not be accepted during the ballot window.

3.2 Applicants will be able to complete the application process from March 10th. An applicant will be able to amend their application until the ballot closes. After this date no further changes can be made.

3.3 By clicking ‘Submit’ during the application process, the applicant confirms that they have read and agree all the Terms and Conditions within this document.

3.4 During the ballot, the applicant will be able to select up to a maximum of 6 tickets for the event. These tickets must be for people from within their household or support bubble. Multiple applications will be withdrawn from the ballot.

3.5 There are five ticket price categories, A, B, C, D & E, with A being the higher price and E the lowest priced tickets. A stadium plan has been provided which illustrates indicative locations of the ticket price categories.

3.6 Applicants can select three preferences of price and location on the application.

3.7 If a price or location is oversubscribed, the second or third choice will be selected. If all three choices are unavailable the applicant will be unsuccessful in the ballot.

3.8 Applicants may choose to accept any ticket, at any price and location, by ticking the relevant box on the application.

3.9 Applicants will not be able to select their exact seats or blocks during the application process. Blocks and seats will be automatically allocated in the selected price category to successful applicants.

3.10 Wheelchair bays are available in all stands and tickets are priced at Category E prices.

3.11 Each wheelchair booking comes with a complimentary companion seat directly next to it.

3.12 Upon conclusion of the ballot period, successful applicants will be randomly drawn and emailed their allocated seat details. They must confirm and pay for these seats within 72 hours of receiving the email.

3.13 Any tickets not paid for will be released back into the draw to those who were previously unsuccessful and the ballot application will be removed from any further draws.

3.14 Tickets are only confirmed once a successful ballot email has been received and payment has been taken by The Ticket Factory.

3.15 All ticket sales are final and cannot be changed.

3.16 All spectators require a ticket. Tickets will have an allocated seat number and spectators must occupy this seat.

3.17 BA and TTF reserve the right to make alterations to seat reservations.

3.18 This is a randomized ticket ballot, drawn by The Ticket Factory on behalf of British Athletics

3.19 British Athletics reserves the right to alter or vary the content or timing of the whole or any part of the event due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control without being obliged to refund or exchange tickets. Any such changes will be communicated to all relevant ticket holders.

3.20 Email communication regarding the ticket ballot will come from The Ticket Factory and British Athletics.

3.21 These ballot terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with the ticketing terms and conditions.

Click the below link to view our Ticketing terms and conditions. 

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