16th October 2018


As we continue to celebrate Black History Month, Shara Proctor tells us about what it means to her, and praises her hero, Christine Ohuruogu….

What does Black History Month mean to you?

It is special because it is important to recognise that our ancestors fought for us and our freedom. We have an opportunity in this sport to fight for what we love and show all people we can do well and achieve; I hope we are doing them proud.


Who is your top British black athlete in history?

I’d have to choose Christine Ohuruogu. She achieved so much in the sport and inspired us all. Her team captain speech at the 2013 World Championships, it was very moving. She went ahead and won the gold medal and she inspired us all. She’s now retired officially; she’s achieved so much in the sport and I want to be like her.


You won European silver during the summer in the stadium Jesse Owens achieved Olympic history at the 1936 Olympic Games.

It was inspiring for me. He faced so much adversity but throughout it all he showed a lot of strength on his part. We don’t have to face what he had to face. The sport is difficult enough already, but we have it a lot easier than he did. If he could overcome that, then we can do also.