UKA will continue to drive the strategy for Officials Education and Training and work with the Home Countries during the transition period to devolve delivery of Courses, Tutor Training and Assessment to the Home Countries. The UKA Technical Advisory Group (TAG), comprising mainly of volunteers from the sport, will co-ordinate policy setting and make recommendations.
The Technical Advisory Group will formulate plans for recruitment, training and progression of UK Athletics Officials to IAAF Level I and beyond, the members will also review and evaluate officials education in the UK and give advice and support.

The Technical Advisory Group will continue to work with the appointments groups and ensure that the appropriate information is shared and disseminated to increase the Technical Development of officials and co-ordinate sub groups for Rules, Technical matters, Appointments, Education and Training strategic matters.
Thank you to all officials that have given up their time to officiate in both televised and domestic events so far this year! Your work as usual it has not gone unnoticed and we thank you in anticipation of the coming 2017 season. If it was not for officials volunteering their valuable services these events would not be able to be held.
Thank you from all in the Competitions Team and UK Athletics.