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british athletics Futures Programme


Programme Outline

“Futures” is a British Athletics support programme for athletes and their coaches which underpins the World Class Performance Programme (WCPP).  The 2014-15 programme runs from 1 December 2014 to 30 November 2015 and will continue British Athletics’ drive towards more targeted support for athletes and their coaches.

The Futures programme targets athletes with the potential to be selected to the WCPP within two years – typically those with dates of birth 1994 – 1997 but with flexibility to support older athletes deemed an exceptional case for support.  The Para Futures programme allows for a greater degree of flexibility around age but with a similar ethos around WCPP potential. 

Athletes and their coaches’ individual development plans will be supported based on their agreed annual plan, allowing for flexibility and individual discretion around distribution of resources.

For the 2014-15 programme, athlete-coach pairs will be considered and, if selected by the Selection Panel [1], invited to join the programme in December 2014.  Athletes retained or invited onto the programme will be asked to submit, with their coaches, an annual plan, including competition and training plans and a proposed budget.  These must be received before the programme start date (1 December 2014) and failure to do so could result in the athlete being removed from the programme or their invitation withdrawn.
Places on Futures are limited and therefore the programme works in line with SportsAid to nominate further athletes for priority, national and ‘extra’ support to assist with their development plans (see below).

British Athletics Futures Programme 2014-15

Sabrina Bakare – 400m (Jane Dixon), Theo Blundell - 800m (Eddie Cockayne/Craig Winrow), Seren Bundy-Davies – 400m (Stephen Ball), Taylor Campbell - Hammer (Paul Dickenson), Bobby Clay – 1500m (Peter Mullervy), Harry Coppell – Pole Vault (John Mitchell), Jack Crosby – 400m (Lloyd Cowan), Ojie Edoborun – 100m (Jonas Taiwah-Dodoo), Amy Griffiths – 1500m (Mick Woods), Adam Hague – Pole Vault (Trevor Fox), David Hall - Decathlon (Ian Grant), Lucy Hatton – 100m Hurdles (John Anderson), Georgie Hermitage – T37 200m (Paul McGregor), Jamie Higgins – 20km Walk (Andi Drake), Harry Hughes - Javelin (Mike McNeil), Cheriece Hylton – 400m, (John Blackie), Shannon Hylton – 200m (John Blackie), Kyle Langford – 800m (George Harrison), Pani Mamuneas – F41 Shot Put/Javelin (Jim Edwards/Dan West), Polly Maton – T46 100m/LJ (Colin Baross), Hayley McLean – 400m hurdles (Lloyd Cowan), Yasmin Miller – 100m hurdles (Lloyd Cowan), Sophie Papps – 100m (Dan Cossins), Jacob Paul – 400m hurdles (Marina Armstrong), Nick Percy - Discus (Vesteinn Hafsteinsson), Kyle Powell – T45 100m (Ryan Freckleton), Shona Richards – 400m hurdles (Marina Armstrong), Julie Rogers – T42 100m (Allen Adamson), Sam Ruddock – F35 Shot Put (Jim Edwards), Elliot Rutter – 400m (Dan Cossins), Sheikh Sheikh – T54 100-200m (Jenny Archer), Ben Snaith – 400m (Graham Hedman), Thomas Somers – 200m (Geoff Barraclough), Shaun Wyllie – 1500m (Craig Winrow)

Programme Benefits


o Financial assistance (up to £500 [2]) towards support for their individual development plan and supporting the athlete(s) in training and competition
o Specialist workshops to support coaches involved with developing elite athletes
o Mentoring and support as appropriate  - linked into the British Athletics Staff Coaches and the National Coach Development Programme (in England) if applicable


o Financial assistance (up to £1500) towards training and competition costs
o BOA Olympic Passport
o Medical Support 
o Access to doctor and soft tissue therapy (eg physiotherapy) through British Athletics, partner organisations or other approved providers
o Other service access by agreement, through British Athletics, partner organisations or approved providers (via athlete’s budget)



TASS logo

 Note: Athletes selected for Futures who attend University may be additionally nominated to receive some of the above support services via the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS).  NB: Not all Universities may be part of the British Athletics / TASS scheme and places for TASS support are limited and still tbc.




Selection Process

Places on the 2014-15 Futures programme are limited. The purpose of the Selection Panel [1] is to prioritise athletes who have the best chance to meet the aims of the World Class Performance Programme (WCPP).  The Panel will make their selection at the beginning of November 2014, following the WCPP selection process.

The Panel will consider athletes in the following categories:

1. Athletes currently on the 2013-14 Futures and Para Futures programmes

All athletes currently on Futures will have their position on the programme reviewed, based on their 2014 season performances, individual circumstances, input from British Athletics Development Manager, Futures and Talent Manager and Event Group Lead staff input (or British Athletics nominated individual to act in this respect).

2. Athletes not currently on the Futures programme who attained a medal at the 2014 World Junior Championships (Eugene, OR, July 2014)

3. Athletes who attained a 4th to 8th place finish at the 2014 World Junior Championships (Eugene, OR, July 2014)

4. Para Athletes nominated by Paralympic Head Coach and Futures & Talent Manager

5. Athletes considered a ‘wildcard’ by the relevant Event Group Lead staff (or British Athletics nominated individual to act in this respect).

An additional group of athletes considered to have high potential for future World and Olympic success may be identified by and presented for consideration of the panel.

For developing athletes in the tier just below WCPP, analysis of performance alone is not an adequate predictor of future success.  Therefore the selection process will strongly consider factors which make reaching the WCPP within two years a realistic prospect e.g. athletes with rising profiles, consistency, positive championship ability/results and positive training environments.  Any special circumstances around these or other factors may also be considered when making selections.

Only athletes eligible to compete for TeamGB at the Olympic Games or World and IPC World Championships can be included on the Futures programme.

Athletes with existing injuries or illness would not normally be added to the programme; athletes with a history of past serious injuries or illnesses will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  All athletes invited onto the 2014-15 programme will be required to complete a medical form and, if deemed necessary by British Athletics’ Chief Medical Officer, undergo further examination to assess their medical status.  Any falsification on the medical forms may lead to removal from the programme.


British Athletics will recommend a number of the unsuccessful Futures candidates to SportsAid for a Priority Award.  However, in order to be considered for SportsAid awards, athletes must complete a SportsAid online application form.  Details of how to apply will be available on the Home Countries athletics websites.  More information also here
Coaches of these athletes will still be considered for priority nomination for development opportunities and should contact Jo Jennings, British Athletics Development Manager, for further information if required - jjennings@britishathletics.org.uk


Grounds for appeal are limited to cases where it is felt that a decision has been reached on the basis of an error of fact or the selection process was not followed.  Only individuals excluded from the programme are entitled to appeal regarding their own individual case.  All such appeals should be made within 10 working days of the announcement of the Futures Programme on the British Athletics website (mid-November 2014) to Development Manager, Jo Jennings - jjennings@britishathletics.org.uk   The Head of Coaching and Development, Development Manager and the relevant Event Group representative will consider the query and if necessary, refer the decision back to the Selection Panel for re-consideration.  The athlete will be notified of the decision in writing along with reasons for the decision.


[1] Selection Panel will consist of

Voting members


Event Group Leads and/or event group representative as nominated by Event Group Heads:


Sprints – Tony Hadley & Scott Grace           Horizontal Jumps – Femi Akinsanya


Hurdles – James Hillier                             Javelin – David Parker


Endurance – Martin Rush & Jenny Harris    Heavy Throws – Malcolm Fenton


Vertical Jumps – Alan Richardson               Combined Events – Julie Holman



Non-voting members


Jo Jennings - Development Manager (Chair)                 


Katie Jones – Futures and Talent Manager


Michael Cavendish - Performance Programme Manager / Independent observer


Ian Hodge - Statistician


Medical representative – Rob Chakraverty


Note taker(s) to keep meeting minutes and screen operator(s)





[2]        Maximum award for any coach will be £1000, regardless of number of athletes coached who are selected.

British Athletics employed coaches will not qualify for a coach award.