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UKA Track Certification

Certification Classification: Outdoor Athletic Track & Field Facilities

To help ensure that track and field users in the UK participate at safe venues that are complaint with safety requirements training should only be held at facilities with a current UKA Certificate and competition, under UKA Rules, will be restricted only to those with a current and appropriate certificate.

Please find attached a PowerPoint presentation which provides an overview of the track certification scheme.

Facilities Officers Contact Details

Current Track Listings With Grade & Certification Status 

Classifications of Track & Field facilities:

Class A - Suitable for all competitions 
Class 1 or class 2  I.A.A.F. Certificate
Measurement Surveys
Can have programming restrictions imposed for safety reasons (Long throws/LJ/TJ/PV)
6 lane track

Class B - Track with event restrictions e.g. 
No Hammer
No adjustable steeple chase barriers

Class C – Non-standard track (eg. training track or J Track)


Additional Notes

Class A:

       i.       I.A.A.F. Certificate: Required for tracks hosting I.A.A.F. or E.A.A. meetings.

      ii.       Track measurement surveys: Required for record purposes under Rule 141 or performances requiring                        ratification.

    iii.       Whilst i. and ii. Above are not required for Class A certification they may be required for certain standards                      of meetings.

    iv.       Programming issues (Long throws/LJ / pole vault existing tracks). Existing track may continue to hold                           events but care must be taken with the programming of events to avoid conflicts between long throws                         and other events situated on the infield.

      v.       To qualify for a class  A status all new builds must ensure long/triple/polevault facilities are located                                either on the Ds or outside the track.

    vi.       6 lane tracks may qualify for class A and may be used for league and other competitions.

Class B: Track & Field facilities with event restrictions

      I.        Should only be used for league competitions which do not have a full range of events ( i.e. women’s                               steeplechase) 

    II.        Examples:
                      No adjustable steeple chase barriers
                      No Hammer
                      Single ended pole vault

Class C: Non standard track & field facility

      I.        J tracks; non standard size tracks (outdoor 200m., 300m. etc.)

    II.        Non synthetic tracks   (cinder, asphalt, grass etc.)

For further information contact Keith Davies, UK Athletics Facilities Administator: kdavies@uka.org.uk